What We Do? Real Estate Management Platform

Make your transactions online with our product real estate management platform that combines the management applications needed by the site, business center, and apartment management.


Ba-Tech POS Partner Payment Systems

Get your free Virtual POS with fair commission rates! You can make your transactions safely with our virtual POS product that has 21 banks and 8 card programs active. Moreover, 12 installments and weekly repayment advantage!


Prepaid Debit Card Systems

Get a prepaid card that can be used on the internet or physical stores, individually or institutionally. Spend and withdraw up to the money you deposit on the card full of advantages!


Ba-Tech: The point where finance and technology meet.

Founded in 2020, Ba-Tech is a financial technology company that sets off with the goal of being a breath of fresh air to the technology and finance world, offering an online real estate management platform, prepaid card, virtual and physical POS infrastructure.

Ba-Tech expert teams aim to make an impression, to carry out successful works and to be a leader in its sector with its high technological infrastructure, innovative solutions and customer-oriented perspective when the Fintech sector has grown considerably and the use of prepaid cards, virtual and mobile POS systems have become widespread recently.


million active
card users

What Advantages Does Ba-Tech Offer You?

  • You do not pay the annual POS fee.
  • You do not pay POS setup fee.
  • No turnover commitment.
  • You do not pay inefficiency fees.
  • You do not pay additional POS fees.
  • You do not pay transaction fees.
  • You do not pay surprise fees.
  • You do not pay the installation fee.
  • Fast and Easy Integration
  • Start Transact in 48 Hours
  • Fair Commission Rates
  • Flexible Payback Time
  • Integrated with 21 Banks, 8 Card Programs
  • One Payment and 12 Installments Transaction
  • Transact on the Internet and in the Physical Store
  • Transact with MasterCard, Visa and Troy Cards
  • Alternative Transaction Methods
  • With the Fraud prevention system, we minimize the financial risk of the merchant and cardholder in risky situations.
  • Payments are made securely only with the consent of the card holder through PCI DSS and SSL certificates, 3D Secure and Secure Payment (GO) infrastructure.
  • You can track your prepaid card account with the Param mobile application and carry your card in your wallet.
  • You can deposit money to your account from the internet by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or EFT.
  • With your Param Card, you can deposit and withdraw money from all bank ATMs 24/7.
  • You can transfer money to your accounts and credit cards by EFT. To receive money, all you need to do is conduct your account number and your first and last name.
  • With your Param corporate account, you can make transactions all your bank and credit cards for your products and services.